Quanzhou and Fuzhou

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Quanzhou 泉州

Quanzhou city is located to the north of Xiamen and is one of the major historical cities of China. It used to be an important port in the past, but much of the traffic now berths at Xiamen instead.

Kai Yuan Si 开元寺

The summer season is also the time when Longan 龙眼 trees start bearing fruit. Many of the logan trees in the temple are centuries old!

One of the unique aspects of this temple are two stone pagodas which are built on the western and eastern side of the compound. The pagodas took more than 3 years each to complete as each stone had to be manually carried up a ramp.

Eastern Pagoda

Ma Zu Temple 妈祖庙

Ma Zu is the patron saint for seafarers, and is said to from Quanzhou originally. The actual main temple is located in Putian further to the north, but the Quanzhou temple has the distinct honour of being recognised by the imperial court as the designated temple instead. In addition, a stone replica of the imperial edict authorising its construction is also placed in front of the main hall.


Numerous lanterns hang from the roof of the hall and carry the wishes of the devotees through slips of plastic attached to the bottom of the lanterns.

Quanzhou Maritime Museum 泉州海外交通历史博物馆

This museums chronicles the illustrous maritime history of Quanzhou. In particular, Quanzhou has a significant Muslim population which is unusual in this part of China due to the strong links of the city with Arabic port of calls in the past.

Fuzhou 福州

Fuzhou is the provincial capital of Fujian. It is also interesting to note that the city also sits on top of a heated water table and thus it has piped natural hot spring water too.

Lin Ze Xu Birthplace 林则徐出生地
Lin Zhe Xu was known for his efforts in eradicating opium from the society and had indirectly resulted in the Opium War against the westerners as a result. His original residence in central Fuzhou had been preserved to give an insight into the life of this remarkable official.

Part of the exhibits include a replica of a typical classroom in the past where there was no blackboard and modern amenities that are found today.

West Lake 西湖

This popular recreational park has no connection to the famed West Lake of Hangzhou, but is named simply because it has a lake that is situated to the west of the city.

City government building and the five star Fuzhou Lakeside Hotel.

Lotus bud

Oriental themed Garden located within the park

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