Monday, 14 May 2007

15 years of obsession with aviation and travel, and counting...

Thinking of what to write for my first post and decided to post a list of airlines which I had flown with to various destinations for vacation in the past 15 years. Since being captivated with the beauty of flight in '92, there was no looking back as I continued to further my interest in aviation.

Dec 1992
Airline: Air New Zealand
Sector: Singapore->Bangkok, Bangkok->Singapore
Aircraft Type: B767-200/ER
Best Remembered For: First flight that spawned my interest in aviation
Air NZ discontinued the SIN->BKK sector in the late '90s, and totally pulled out of Singapore from 30/9/2006.

A significant moment. Already then I was more interested in what's going on outside the window than at the camera =P
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Dec 1994
Airline: Cambodian Airlines
Sector: Singapore->Kunming via Phnom Penh, Kunming->Singapore via Bangkok. Charter flight.
Aircraft Type: B727-200 (leased from Delta Airlines)
Best Remembered For: Captivated by the natural beauty of China. Also the worst airline meal I ever had so far (Cold Brinjal Sandwich anyone?)
Ad-hoc charter operated that folded up soon after. Also very lucky to fly on a classic airliner

Dec 1995
Airline: Alitalia
Sector: Singapore->Bangkok, Bangkok->Singapore
Aircraft Type: B747-200
Best Remembered For: First flight on the mighty jumbo jet
Alitalia pulled out of Singapore in 2000.

Dec 1997
Airline: Air China & Xiamen Airlines
Sector: Singapore->Beijing, Beijing->Nanjing, Hangzhou->Xiamen, Xiamen->Singapore
Aircraft Type: B767-200/ER, B737-300, B737-300, B767-300/ER
Best Remembered For: Stewardesses fighting among themselves in the aisle of the aircraft in front of the passengers (Xiamen Airlines)

Jun 1999
Airline: Singapore Airlines
Sector: Singapore->Shanghai, Shanghai->Singapore
Aircraft Type: B777-200
Best Remembered For: First time on SQ. School cultural exchange trip.

Jun 2000
Airline: China Southwest Airlines
Sector: Singapore->Chengdu, Chengdu->Singapore
Aircraft Type: A340-300
Best Remembered For: First flight on an Airbus. Finally toured the famed Jiuzhaigou and Mt Emei.
China Southwest was absorbed into Air China during the rationalisation.

Dec 2002
Airline: Thai Airways
Sector: Singapore->Bangkok, Bangkok->Hong Kong, Hong Kong->Bangkok, Bangkok->Singapore
Aircraft Type: B777-200 except for B777-300 from Hong Kong->Bangkok
Best Remembered For: Deeply falling in love with Thai Airways

Dec 2004
Airline: Thai Airways, China Southern
Sector: Singapore->Bangkok, Bangkok->Kunming, Lijiang->Kunming, Kunming->Bangkok, Bangkok->Singapore
Aircraft Type: A300-600R except for B777-200 Singapore->Bangkok & B737-500 for Lijiang->Kunming
Best Remembered For: Very Hard landings on A300-600R, rocket take-off of B737-500. And first experience on the very scary chair lifts.

Jul 2005
Airline: China Airlines
Sector: Singapore->Hong Kong, Hong Kong->Singapore
Aircraft Type: B737-800
Best Remembered For: Totally Free & Easy in Hong Kong. Loved Hong Kong buses, food & shopping.
The Singapore->Hong Kong route was withdrawn from Aug 2006.

Oct 2005
Airline: Finnair
Sector: Singapore->Bangkok, Bangkok->Singapore
Aircraft Type: MD-11
Best Remembered For: First time flying "loud-loud" MD-11. Spent most of the time doing spotting.
Finnair pulls out of Singapore from 16 May 2007.

Jun 2006
Airline: Jetstar Asia
Sector: Singapore->Bangkok, Bangkok->Singapore
Aircraft Type: A320-200
Best Remembered For: First dedicated spotting trip & first experience on budget airline

Oct 2006
Airline: Silkair
Sector: Singapore->Nanning, Nanning->Singapore
Aircraft Type: A320-200
Best Remembered For: Only trip to return from a very bad diahrroea

May 2007
Airline: Asiana
Sector: Singapore->Incheon, Seoul->Jeju, Jeju->Seoul, Incheon->Singapore
Aircraft Type: A330-300, A320-200, A321-100, A330-300
Best Remembered For: Flora! Korea trip

Jul 2008
Airline: Air Asia
Sector: Senai->Penang, Penang->Senai
Aircraft Type: A320-200
Best Remembered For: First Malaysian domestic flight

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